Cabaret Nite 2006
Cabaret Nite 2006 Performers

Congratulations to all performers at this year’s Cabaret Nite:  Sara Anderson, Megan Bayliss, Jerod Bertram, Lauren Bissonnette, Logan Bissonnette, Courtney Blunt, Laura Ashley Brunet, Crystal Cashmore, Samantha Cashmore, Braeja Chadwick, Nicole Crosson, Samantha Dubinsky, Kaleigh Hargrove, Sandra Jorgensen, Erin Krell, Taylor Manns, Jennifer Moffett, Brynne Newman, Christie Ross, Kiana Smith, and Kevin Taylor.  The Studio wishes many thanks to all those volunteers who helped make the event such a success.

Tidings 2005

Stephanie McGlenen, Samantha Dubinsky, Sara Anderson, Crystal Cashmore, Christie Ross, Allison Crowe & Chelsea Peckett

Studio alumnus Allison Crowe in her annual Christmas concert at St. Andrew’s United Church, featuring studio performers Samantha Dubinsky and Christie Ross (Friday); Sara Anderson, Crystal Cashmore and Stephanie McGlenen (Saturday), along with students of Wellington and Woodlands Secondary Schools.

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