Teaching Philosophy

The teaching philosophy at the Andrea Bertram Studio centres on you!

YOUR PURPOSE: to learn to SING
  • to produce a sound pleasant to audience and fulfilling to self
  • to foster your own love of music by learning to participate in vocal pursuits with ease and confidence
YOUR VOICE: is your body’s instrument

You must care for and nurture it:

  • physically: good health factors into all your preparation (exercise, eating well, sleep, and hydration).
  • mentally: regular practice gives you confidence.
  • emotionally: through music and the drama that music gives you; the love of music can sustain you throughout your life.
YOUR TALENT: unique to you as an individual
  • is incomparable to anyone else
  • is inclusive of many things not in your control (e.g. biology, physique, vocal range) and many things you can alter by your dedication, work ethic, and energy
YOUR LOVE: of music and singing
  • is created and nurtured within the confines of your talent, work ethic, and your personal environment (school, home, and church)
  • is affected by the entertainment you choose (theatre, opera, music recitals, etc.)
  • is expanded by your listening choices (radio, TV, CD’s, MP3’s, etc.)
  • is enhanced by your active pursuit of more knowledge about your discipline–


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