Lesson Fees

  • The Studio operates on a yearly fee basis of $1760, covering a 9-month training season of weekly, one-hour lessons roughly concurrent with the school year.
  • A Registration and Service Fee of $85 is required before the first lesson to cover photocopying, sheet music, and transposition/key change services throughout the year.
Annual Fee
  • Full Prepayment: $1845 ($1760 + $85)
  • due September 1, before the first lesson

Each Semester
  • $890 each semester (September to December, January to May), due by September 1st and January 1st
  • Requires pre-payment of Registration and Service Fee ($85) added to the first semester
  • Semester installments include PayPal processing fees

e-Transfer by arrangement
Terms and Conditions
  1. Agreement with our Studio Policies is required.
  2. If you are new to the Studio, CLICK HERE to send your registration information.

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